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Learn About Our Cutting-Edge Mobile Medical Units

Covid Mobile Medical offers mobile medical vaccination units customized according to every client’s needs. Together with TopShelf, our partner manufacturer, we provide several mobile relief options that can be implemented across the country. We provide:

  • Medical Trailers
  • Medical RVs
  • Medical Sprinter Vans
  • Quarantine Units
  • Check-In/Testing Centers


  • Aluminum Construction
  • Integrated Frame
  • 24’’ Stone Guard on Front
  • 53’’ V Nose
  • 2-3k Axles Torsional Braked
  • 15’’ Tires
  • Exterior LED Lighting on Both Sides
  • LED Lighting Inside Trailer
  • Roof Vent
  • Box Height Inside Minimum 83’’ (6 foot, 9 inches to Allow Plenty of Interior Room)
  • Two 32x72 Paddle Handle Curbside RV Doors With Entry / Exit door Opposite
  • Rear Ramp Door With Spring Assist
  • 22-Cubic Foot Medical Fridge
  • Fully Insulated
  • Heat Package 40k Propane Heater in Heater Box Mounted in V Noise
  • 20-Pound Propane Tank
  • White Luan Ceilings
  • While Luan Walls
  • 110-Volt Power Package With 60-Amp Breaker Box With Converter and Motor Base Plug
  • Two or Three-Way Wall Switches
  • 4 LED Wrap Around Lights on the Interior
  • 13.5k AC Unit Roof-Mounted
  • Desk Over Wheel Wells
  • 110v Outlets Every 3 Feet on Wall
  • 8-Foot Acrylic Fabric Electric Awnings on Both Sides of Trailer
  • Spare Tire
  • Stabilizer Jacks
  • Generator Will 5KW + Inverted Power, Propane Fuel, and Low Decibel Sound
  • Rubber Coated Flooring
  • Minimum Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Our Wide Range of Clientele

We have custom built a variety of units  and delivered them to partners across the US. Examples include numerous private and public healthcare facilities, multiple branches of the armed services and private turn-key facilities such as MGM Studios in Burbank, CA.

Why Choose Us

Fast Builds and Delivery

Our goal is to finish the project and deliver the unit to you as soon as four weeks. In addition, we ship trailers to any locations in the US.

Commitment to Quality

To make you fully satisfied with our work, we offer affordable mobile logistic solutions that meet your needs. We respect your time and budget that’s why we ensure that the unit meets your standards upon inspection.

Constant Assistance

You may contact us at any time of the day for any management issues. We also do repairs within 24 hours.

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Reliable Training

We provide 6-hour sessions for each trailer so you can be knowledgeable and comfortable in using all facets of your unit.

The Challenges With COVID-19 Mobile Testing / Mobile Vaccinations

Because of weak healthcare infrastructure combined with vaccine distribution delivery problems in rural America, COVID vaccination and testing will become more difficult for local families and individuals. More than 60 million Americans are seemingly forgotten in the battle against COVID.

Several rural areas have a high number of cases, understaffed hospitals, and limited information access on testing and vaccination schedules. On the other hand, people from urban areas have easier access because of dense populations. Rural areas have fewer people and will need mobile testing and vaccination programs that will work with local officials. They will then create mobile distribution points across rural America.

Rural America will have a harder time getting vaccinated, Axios

“How do you tell your staff, your nurses, your doctors, ‘Hey, we’re not going to get the vaccine [yet]?’” said Mr. Edmondson, chief executive of Peterson Health in Kerrville, a town of about 24,000 in the Texas Hill Country. “They’re going to feel like ‘Whoa, we’re not as important or valuable, just because we’re in rural Texas.’

Covid-19 Vaccines Are Slow to Reach Rural America, Wall Street Journal

TopShelf’s Turnkey Solutions

We will work closely with our brand manufacturer to build mobile testing units. These will be outfitted with all the laboratory requirements to meet federal and local COVID-19 testing and vaccination standards.


To ensure smooth deliveries, setups, schedules, and complete turnkey programs, we will assign a program manager to each mobile unit. He or she will coordinate with federal and local officials. There will also be on-site account managers tasked to deliver and set up the units as scheduled. They will be in touch 24/7 with their federal and local program officials to ensure the success of each mobile program.


The units will be used for both testing and vaccination programs. We will roll out vehicles that can easily adapt to another pandemic situation or immediate medical response.


Based on our discussions with several medical officials, there is still a long-term need for COVID-19 rapid testing programs. The goal is to always provide your locations with state-of-the-art solutions in compliance with all FDA and CLIA guidelines. You can also rely on us for PCR, antigen, and antibody testing with accurate results in just 10 to 15 minutes.

Company Documents

The necessary papers will be included in each program. We will provide more details about the documents upon request.

Seamless Construction Plans of Mobile Testing/Vaccination Units

Our mobile laboratories, built on on a variety of frames including trailers, RVs, Sprinter Vans and shipping containers. Each will be able to easily switch from COVID-19 testing to vaccination and vice versa. In our model layout, the space will be split down in the middle with a plexiglass partition. This will have a laboratory/office area in the rear and a medical office check-in/testing area in the front.

There will also be separate entry and exit doors on opposite sides of the units. This is to enable social distancing and zero contact between patients. Each door area will be a 32” x 72” opening and the entry door will be covered with an 8’ x 8’ awning. We will also provide an ADA-compliant option when necessary. Our team offers various buildout plans although we usually follow these specifications:

Reach Out to Our Team

Please get in touch to learn more about our services.